Journey trailer offers a stirring peek at thatgamecompany’s latest

Thatgamecompany has always been a developer that strives to elicit emotion with their games. Without delving into the debate of games as art, it is undeniable that they like to at least spark this discussion. Their 3rd and latest game, Journey, looks to do the same. Although this often results in polarized opinions, it’s great to see them continue down this path.

The first official trailer was released earlier today showcasing the game’s environments, and boy oh boy is it pretty. The trailer is all in-game footage, but it looks more like something from a Miyazaki 2D animated film. The graphical style is breathtaking, yet sparse, sure to make fans of Shadow of the Colossus feel right at home. Some actual gameplay appears to be on display, but it is hard to decipher what it actually entails. Thatgamecompany hasn’t revealed too much about the game, but we do know that it will rely on social elements allowing players to join up with others to explore the sand-laden remains of an ancient civilization.

The trailer below is beautifully done and is sure to evoke some sort of emotional response upon viewing. Journey is set for release on PSN sometime in 2011.

[Source: PlayStation Blog | Further reading: Giant Bomb]