Mass Effect 2 hitting PSN day and date with retail release

If it wasn’t enough that the PS3 will be getting the “definitive” version of Mass Effect 2 on January 18th, word hit today that picking up a physical copy of the game isn’t the only way to get it. In what seems to be a first for a major retail release, Mass Effect 2 will be available for purchase via the PSN store on the day of retail availability.

As Joystiq points out, this is particularly notable considering that even after almost a year on store shelves, Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360 is still not available via the Xbox Live Games and Demand service. This may be a trial run for EA to test the waters of offering digital delivery parity with retail launches. Let’s hope it is successful since it could set a precedent and give us one less reason to leave the house.

Check out the video below from DigitalFoundry for a look at the graphical differences in store for the PS3 release.

[Source: PlayStation Blog | Via Joystiq]

  • Kris Cost

    Wow, that’s quite an experiment! I’m sure EA knows it works in the PC realm based on their Steam experience. Here’s to hoping it works out for them in the console space as well.