$49.99 gets you Homefront, Metro 2033 and an OnLive MicroConsole

We have talked about OnLive more than a few times around here. The streaming game service launched last year and has built upon its base service with the launch of the MicroConsole, PlayPack and more over the past months.

Get ready, because OnLive is serious about being taken seriously and they seem ready to do what it takes to get people in front of their service. OnLive has recently been running periodic, Steam-style sales, and they have just upped the ante by a few miles. Homefront is slated for release on March 15, and THQ has partnered with OnLive to offer one sweet package.

Along with a Homefront full PlayPass pre-order ($49.99), customers will immediately receive a code for a free copy of last year’s Metro 2033. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s the kicker: Upon release of Homefront next month, OnLive will send out a code to all pre-order customers offering a free MicroConsole. Tax and shipping/handling are not included, but the regular $99 price is waived. This amounts to 2 games and a MicroConsole for the price of a new console game. This is a pretty smoking deal.

If you are moderately interested in Homefront or OnLive, this looks like a no-brainer. You’ve got to give it to OnLive, they are really trying hard and offering a lot to win over customers.

OnLive– You got moxy, kid.

[Source: OnLive]

  • http://www.erraticgamer.com Eric Leslie

    I want to say that this comes across as bold and clever marketing rather than smacking of desperation, but it’s hard. I’ve used OnLive on my PC quite a bit to try out demos and such, but haven’t quite been convinced to give them any money yet. I suspect I’m just not their target audience. The tech is undeniably impressive, though, so I hope they find one.

    • http://www.gamethingdaily.com/ Jonathan Downin

      I don’t quite feel like this is desperation yet, but I can see how you would.

      I think I fall in there with you as not really being in their target audience, but they got me with this one. I plunked down my $50.

      • http://www.erraticgamer.com Eric Leslie

        I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it, once you’ve got it. The social aspects of OnLive fascinate me, for sure. :)