Project Cafe: Nintendo’s next console gets rumored tech specs

We first reported on rumors surrounding Nintendo’s next console last week, and since then quite a bit more information has been swirling around the gaming press.

IGN has been at the forefront of these rumors from the beginning. They initially claimed that the system would get a pre-announcement this month, and an official unveiling at E3 2011. New details are now being added to the din of speculation with a slew of technical specifications for the allegedly codenamed “Project Cafe” console.

Notable details include:

  • Price: $350 – $400
  • Availability: Between mid-October 2011 and early 2012
  • CPU: Xbox 360-like, triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset
  • GPU: AMD R700
  • Appearance: Comparable to original Xbox 360 in size with “modernized SNES styling”
  • Output: 1080P and stereoscopic 3D

These specs come in addition to a rumored 6″ touchscreen-sporting controller.  IGN states their sources are very trustworthy, and even have a post explaining why they have such faith in their connections.

The rumors are flying fast and furious, so until we get some official details, let’s just enjoy the ride.

[Source: IGN]

  • Daniel Withrow

    I dont know how I feel about this yet but I said the samething about the first Wii. I do have to say I think I will enjoy this more than motion control and I think the touchscreen will be useful for manging inventory but might be a pain in the ass as a main game mechanic. I look forward to hearing more and this year’s E3 that much more better.

    • Jonathan Downin

      I’m trying not to get too excited — and failing.