Nintendo 3DS eShop confirmed for June 6th launch

When Nintendo finally released details regarding the launch of the 3DS eShop, a launch sometime in May was the official company line. It seems like they needed just a bit more time to get everything in order since official word out of Nintendo is that June 7th is the new date for Japan, the evening of June 6th in North America.

The eShop will be Nintendo’s storefront for all things digital on the 3DS. It is set to offer a myriad of games from different consoles, but one thing it won’t offer, at least in the beginning, is full 3DS titles.

A June 6th launch date is curious. It is the day before the first day of E3, so Nintendo should have a great launch to point to as they kick-off their E3 announcements.

Other than confirmation of a firmware update and the internet browser, we still don’t have an official list of launch games and software. We will update this post as that information is available.

[Source: Nintendo]

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