Starhawk gets official, focuses on single player experience

There is plenty to cover when it comes to Starhawk, but before we get to the salient facts, check out the trailer:

Starhawk looks great, but it is a curious follow-up to Warhawk. Its predecessor was a $20 downloadable multiplayer-only title. Starhawk is a $60, full-featured retail 3rd person shooter with an emphasis on vehicles. Curiously, there is also a heavy emphasis on RTS-like tactics.

According to the developer LightBox Interactive, in addition to traditional 3rd person shooting and vehicle action, there will be a construction element. The ”Build and Battle” system will allow you to build walls, turrets, garages and many other strategic structures to help turn the tide on the battlefield.

It wouldn’t be a “Hawk” game without the flying vehicles bearing the namesake. It sounds like they are even more versatile this time around with the ability to morph between jet and mech-like modes.

In-depth previews have popped up all over the web, and here are a few of more the notable ones:

Starhawk is set to hit the PS3 in early 2012.

[Source: Official site]