Steam now running daily deals, time to consider that second mortgage

Steam has long been known for its frequent sales. Holidays have always been Valve’s focus with these sales, but they are now going to be a LOT more regular.

Valve took to the Steam blog early in the week to announce that they will be offering daily sales. A game will be on sale every day going forward. With the amount of buzz that they have generated over the years due to their sales tactics, it’s almost surprising that this is just now happening.

In the brief announcement post Valve recommends that you follow the Steam Twitter or Facebook accounts to make sure that you don’t miss the announcement of the day’s sale. This sounds like a good idea, but be careful, it is easy to find yourself buying games you will never play just because they are being offered at a deep discount. Stay strong.

[Source: Steam News]

  • Daniel Withrow

    I couldnt tell you the last time I bought a game full price off Steam, I LOVE STEAM SALES! It allows me to pick up games at a great price that I may have passed when they where first released. Its a win-win for everyone, customer, Steam, developer!