Sony to stream E3 2011 press conference, NGP to be PSP Vita?

Sony is set to live stream E3 2011 on the PlayStation Blog

Sony is getting proactive with its E3 messaging this year. Instead of making the press spit out a hundred live blogs, Sony will be giving it to you straight from the source with an official live stream of their press conference. This officially makes all of the press conferences accessible to all since Nintendo and Microsoft have also confirmed that their media briefing will be live streamed as well.

The PlayStation blog will be the home of the live stream, so make sure to head on over there at 5pm PST on June 6th.

In other Sony news, there are more rumors surrounding the NGP reveal and a possible new name. Joystiq reports that  two unknown sites have been independently circulating a new name for the device, “PSP Vita”. They point to one post in particular that hosted a few images of the NGP with the PS Vita branding, but those images have since been removed with the author apologizing for the incident saying, ”This has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry. I really am.” Weird.

Could the NGP be officially name PSP Vita?

PSP Vita seems like a strange name, but hey, if a gaming console called Wii can become acceptable, anything can.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog - Joystiq]


  • Daniel Withrow

    Sony really needs to have a great E3 this year with everything that has happened this last couple of weeks. 

  • Jonathan Downin

    As easy as it is to be down on Sony over recent events, I expect that they will have some cool stuff for E3.