Indie darling Limbo leaps to PS3 on July 19th, PC on August 2nd

Limbo came out of a nowhere last year and became XBLA Summer of Arcade’s breakout hit. Those who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Playdead’s macabre puzzle/platformer on Xbox will now have a chance to pick it up on PS3 starting next Tuesday, July 19th, and PC on August 2nd.

For the unaware, Limbo is a puzzle/platformer, but it is not a traditional take on the genre. The gameplay elements of Limbo are strong, but most that have played it would say it’s strength lies in its presentation. The silhouette-heavy, black and white art style is evocative, and sets the tone for the somber journey of the game. If the dark nature doesn’t turn you off, it is likely that you will find a special experience in Limbo.

The Official PlayStation blog mentions that the game’s soundtrack will also be available on iTunes on July 11th.

Limbo hits PS3 on July 19th in the US, and on July 20th in Europe. The PC version will be available via Steam worldwide on August 2nd. Pricing has not been announced, but the XBLA version continues to sell for $15.

[Source: Official site]