Facebook vote to decide female Shepard’s default look in Mass Effect 3

Since the first entry in the Mass Effect series Commander Shepard’s sex has been up to the player’s choice. Although the male version has been the iconic image of Shepard up until now, Bioware is looking to bring female Shepard more into the forefront with Mass Effect 3.

Now that Bioware is pushing female Shepard, they are also looking to give her an updated character design. They have narrowed it down to six different designs, but it is up to the fans to decide which one will be the final version.

Bioware is currently running a poll on their Facebook page where the Shepard with the most “likes” will be the final character design on the female Shepard-sporting special edition.

All six options make the Commander look pretty menacing, but we can’t stop thinking about playing ME3 as Commander “Rihanna” Shepard, aka #4. Make it happen.

Source: FacebookOfficial site | Via: Kotaku

  • Samuels

    The sultry white blonde is leading by a landslide in a male dominated poll? Stop the presses. 

    One or two or four, please. Diversity or functionality over a generic barbie doll any day.

    • http://www.gamethingdaily.com/ Jonathan Downin

      Not too surprising huh. If it’s any consolation, it sounds like the winner will just be the character on the LE box. I have a feeling all six will be selectable presets in-game.

    • Ben 303

      i like the way your comment is more stereotypical than the voters -.-

  • WhoCares

    I think one, four, and six are the most interesting to look at. As much as I love four, however, I would go with one. Very military-style. Also, she kind of looks like what M!Shep would look like if he were a girl, although she still has more hair than he does. Six doesn’t really look like a fighter, but she does look interesting. Four is my second favorite and, honestly, the first one that caught my eye. She looks really, REALLY cool, but too glam for a soldier, which is why I chose one.

  • Shiftzy

    I still love my scarlet short hair cut commando Shepard >.>

  • Kkkk

    From a female gamer, as myself, I’d much prefer 4. I do not like the preset chosen, and am very pissed off to be honest that I’d have to be her, or make my character, which yes it quite fun however have you seen the hairstyle choices in ME3? I would have chosen her just for her damn hair. Explain to me this Bioware, why can Miranda from ME2 and Ashley from ME3 have such nice long hair, but FEMSHEP’s hair has to look like a damn man?

  • flumen

    Well.. I think it is becouse she is a soldier. And i never saw a soldier with long loose hair (so I was quite surprised, when I saw Ashley in ME3). I am also a female player and I never would to make Shepard as some model with long loose hair and overmake-uped face. I am sorry for grammar fails – english is not my mother language.

  • JADE

    5  BY FAR

  • Miki Kamikaze

    I cannot see fem shep as a blonde at all, even if she was originaly blonde. I think blonde is to up-tight and glamory for a solider. Four on the other hand is BAD ASS. She looks tough and won’t take crap from anyone. They could take the streek out if they want to if it looks to girly but other then that, four is pretty awesome. The hair style on five is pretty cool too.

  • Gorp

    I like them all. But practicality would be best for a soldier. I, 2 and 3 probably would’ve been best.
    DOESN’T MATTER anyway, my FemShep is a hottie cocoa woman with a blonde shaved head.