Battlefield 3 review round-up [Updated]

Battlefield 3 has garnered favorable reviews on the PC side, but the console story is a bit more convoluted. The PC version was “shipped-out” to reviewers sooner the the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, and it seems like this was done with good reason– the console versions simply aren’t quite as good. Anecdotal evidence points to the living room editions of the game having more frequent technical issues, and multiplayer has been up and down.

The consensus is that the single player portion of the game is not well executed, but the multiplayer delivers. From our time with the game this seems accurate. The game is lacking polish, but the core mechanics are in-tact, and deliver a core competitive experience that is up there with the best available.

Because of the discrepancies in the consoles and PC versions, we are doing something that we don’t regularly do here– the PC and console reviews are being split-up where applicable.

Note: This post will be updated as more reviews come in.


  • 1UP (A-) - Battlefield 3 is a game that’s informed, not bound, by both its predecessors and its competition. It takes what made the series great in earlier games and marries it to the innovations from more recent BF titles. The single-player and co-op campaigns both have their issues, but the multiplayer component is worth the price of entry alone. -Ryan Winterhalter
  • GameSpot (8.5/10) - Battlefield 3 may not offer much beyond the multiplayer, but there are so many ways to contribute and feel like a powerful soldier that after hours and hours of playing, all you’ll want to do is play more. -Chris Watters
  • Giant Bomb (4/5) - For those who didn’t enjoy Battlefield before, the extra features likely won’t be enough to bring you over, but those who just want to play a much-improved Battlefield–mixed-up, crazy, “I can’t believe that just happened” Battlefield — should feel right at home. -Dave Snider
  • IGN (9/10) - Regardless of the narrative missteps or the occasional glitches, Battlefield 3 offers an unforgettable, world-class multiplayer suite that’s sure to excite shooter fans, whether they fired their first bullet in Battlefield 1942 or have just now heeded Battlefield’s call of duty. -Peter Eykemans
  • Joystiq (4.5/5) - The times where Battlefield 3 does its damnedest to go toe-to-toe with Call of Duty are the times it stumbles the hardest. But when DICE is doing what it’s always done best, Battlefield 3 is a uniquely mesmerizing multiplayer game with a seemingly endless number of ways to feel like a success. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s the best Battlefield game, and that’s saying a lot. -Arthur Gies


  • 1UP (B+) - BF3 is obviously better looking than any of its competition, but when you actually sit down to play and look at it in motion, the tradeoffs that DICE made for the consoles quickly become evident, and its status as the best looking console game around can be called into question. -Ryan Winterhalter
  • Giant Bomb (4/5) – [Same as PC version]
  • IGN (9/10) – [Same as PC version]

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