Sony limits PSN downloads to two devices

Ever since the debut of the Playstation 3, Sony has allowed customers to download a purchased title from PSN on as many as five devices. With most games not requiring the customer to be logged onto the associated account at the time of play, this system was quickly and widely exploited by people sharing games with strangers all over the world to get a good deal. After five years, Sony has finally decided to update their policies and limit downloads to two devices.

This limit applies both to PS3 and PSP games downloaded via PSN. Software activations can be disabled after the initial download in order to install content on a other devices, allowing people who replace old consoles to still have access to their purchases. Unlike before, these deactivations can be performed not only on the device in question but also over the phone with a Sony consumer service employee.

These changes will go live on November 18, applying to all game content downloaded through PSN in the future. They won’t be retroactive, so previously purchased games will still be subject to the old five-device limit.

Source: Playstation Blog | Via: GameSpot