Xbox 360 Skyrim saves transferrable to PC

Skyrim launched to huge critical praise last week, but its arrival on store shelves revealed that the Xbox 360 version shipped with an issue that caused it to load low quality textures when installed to the hard drive. This put players in a precarious position of deciding whether better looking textures or faster load times are a higher priority. Now those that have a PC capable of running the game have another option.

Reddit user vw_luke discovered that Xbox 360 save files can be transferred to the PC. This is a rather unprecedented situation as the closed nature of the Xbox 360 precludes the transfer of save files, but Skyrim fans have concocted a method for transferring save files, but it only goes one way, Xbox 360 to PC. The process has been verified by many to work, and it only takes a few minutes.

Here’s the method:

Copy the save to your 360 Formatted USB Drive. Open with Modio. Click open from device locate the save file and open it. Click the file contents tab. Extract savegame.dat rename to savegame.ess and put it into your Skyrim save game location.

Modio (Reads 360 Formatted USB drives) -

There are many reasons for bringing a save over to the PC beyond escaping the Xbox 360 hard drive issue. The PC version potentially offers better graphics, faster loads, mod support and more.

Bethesda has said that the first title update patch for Skyrim will likely come the week after Thanksgiving, and a fix for the hard drive issue will likely be included.

Source: Reddit | Image: Dead End Thrills

  • Demonise

    does this work for ps3 too?

  • bary

    Too bad microsoft wasn’t so short-sited with their closed system on the xbox. Bethesda and microsoft would get twice my money if i could go back and forth between my xbox and my pc. Sometimes i can sneak away to the xbox, but most times i am on the laptop around the family. It would be well worth the money to buy both an xbox version and a pc version if i could play the same game on both.

  • Pedrovay2003

    I just wanted to specify that this is NOT a one-way transfer — It is perfectly possible to transfer a PC Skyrim save to a 360.

    • Jonathan Downin

      Got a link to the method for PC to Xbox? I’ll happily update the post.

    • guest

      yes just open any xbox 360 skyrim save and replace it with your newest save on pc, which you renamed Savegame.dat rehash and resighn then save to device and enjoy! 

  • Michael

    yeah how might you do that hmmm? all I can see is that it goes one way. if you know a way for it to go back to 360 please share.

    • L3GION

      Simply reverse the directions in the first method…
      Find an ess. file rename it dat, or exs. and replace file, rehash and resign, save to usb and put back into your xbox… Done..
      I’m trying to find out if you are able to put a modded gamesave such as a modded PC save that has the assassins creed nightingale armor back into a 360 and play it with the modded armor…
      Sooooo if anyone knows or has a save please let me know…

      • Sky-Daddeh

        No, because all of your Skyrim Mods are in a .dll folder contained in the PC and are booted up when you start the game. Whether you have the armor or not it won’t transfer over. 

  • Mastersquishyfishy

    These instructions were written for Oblivion, but I was able to apply the same steps to move my Skyrim save to my PC- I’d imagine that the steps to move the save back to the 360 would work just as well.

  • Megaman

    Cool, I might try that!

  • Jonathan Downin

    Update: I personally used this method to transfer my 360 save to my new gaming PC and it worked like a charm. Super simple.

  • Matt

    Does anyone know if this still works? I bought a new PC and would love to try Skyrim on it instead…

  • Amer Naik

    i keep getting an error saying tat my xbox version is 0 and my skryim on pc is version 8 can anyone help me with that?

    • Jonathan Downin

      Recent updates may have something to do with this. The PC version is currently at 1.3.10, while the consoles are at 1.3. This may be creating some conflicts. 

  • Rawrwar

  • RafiAccount

    Is it possible to transfer a save from the Xbox to the PC, use console commands to resurrect a dead follower (Aranea lenith), save again and transfer back to the Xbox? Or would this cause problems/glitches?

  • MEH

    I did this and my game crashed i need help.

  • DoctorCENSORED

    If I completed skyrim almost completly on xbox and transfer it on pc, will i still get the achievments unlocked?

  • Sensitive Thug

    Do you need Skyrim to already be installed on your pc for this to work?