3DS hits 4 million in the US, PS Vita slumps in Japan

The debut of Nintendo’s latest handheld was about as rocky as they come. Sales of the 3DS were soft at launch in March, and Nintendo quickly followed with an over 30 percent price drop. However, the tides may finally be turning as the 3DS has now crossed 4 million units sold in the US, bolstered by Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 moving a million units each.

Contrary to Nintendo’s recent success, Sony is struggling to move its new handheld in its second week on the market in Japan. After moving 321,000 units during its launch week, the PlayStation Vita only managed to sell 72,000 units in week two. To put these numbers into perspective, during the same period the 3DS sold 482,000 units, and the original PSP sold 101,000 units.

The PlayStation Vita is set to launch in the US on February 22 starting at $250.

Source: GameSpot (1, 2)

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