Playstation Vita launch day bundle revealed

If $350 was too steep a price or 4GB was too low a capacity for you, Sony’s previously announced First Edition bundle for the Playstation Vita might not have tickled your fancy. Luckily, Sony has revealed new plans via the Playstation Blog to release a launch day exclusive bundle of the 3G model that includes an 8GB Memory Stick, an AT&T “DataConnect Pass”, and an undisclosed free game via Playstation Network for a lower $299. The aforementioned AT&T pass gives one month of free 250MB 3G service which would normally cost $15 and the Memory Stick would retail at $30, meaning a fair amount of savings are available to those interested in the 3G version of the device.

The bundle is already available for preorder via Amazon/GameStop and will appear at other retailers quite soon.

Source: Playstation Blog