Double Fine Adventure funding begins on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has proved to be quite the boon to enthusiasts in just about any space, but particularly to those interested in video games. Last year we covered Indie Game: The Movie, a Kickstarter-funded documentary that proceeded to take the Sundance Film Festival by storm to win the Best Editing award and will now move on to South By Southwest. It’s clear that an engaged audience will democratically patronize something that matters to them.

Enter Double Fine, an indie development house started by Tim Schafer previously of LucasArts. While DF has seen plenty of success with well written games in more conventional genres (example: Trenched – Tower Defense), the roots of the company are firmly footed in adventure games like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. Unfortunately, the adventure game space is practically barren in a modern context, with many publishers retreating to established IPs in best-selling genres like action and first-person shooters.

As a result, Double Fine has turned to Kickstarter for funding and has already seen a huge amount of support. In just nine hours, the goal of $400,000 was surpassed – with $300,000 to be spent on a new point-and-click adventure game and $100,000 to be spent on a documentary charting the development process. At the time of this post, the amount of funds raised is around $509,000, the excess of which will “be put back into the game and documentary” for any purpose including more voice-over or additional platforms for release. For now, a $15 pledge will earn you access to the PC version of the game via Steam around October 2012, a beta version of the game in the coming months, and viewing rights to the documentary series. Check out the Kickstarter link for more details on what you can get for pledging more.

Source: Kickstarter | Further Reading: Rock Paper Shotgun