Hawken to be published independently thanks to $10m investment

Yesterday VentureBeat broke the story that Meteor Entertainment’s Hawken received $10 million in investment from Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital. Those investment firms are the same ones that backed Riot Games, a hugely successful developer that created free-to-play hit League of Legends. Clearly the firms are hoping to capture F2P success again, as FirstMark Capital founder Rick Heitzmann confirmed in an interview with VB:

“You can disrupt the business with a free-to-play title. Gamers are willing to pay via virtual goods to do that. League of Legends is a fantastic title, but it is just one game and one genre that has blown up. We think it’s possible to produce very high quality games that have huge audiences that are willing to pay.”

Meteor Entertainment is currently comprised of 34 employees and is the parent company of Adhesive Games, the small 10-person development house that worked directly on the demo that impressed the gaming public last March.  Hawken is slated for a 12/12/2012 release and will open a closed beta later this year.

And if you need a reminder of why this game has so many excited, take a look a the most recent trailer:

Source: VentureBeat