Assassin’s Creed III to take place during American Revolution [Updated]

Thanks to Kotaku and a leaked banner from Game Informer, we now have a pretty good idea of the setting for the much anticipated Assassin’s Creed III – The American Revolution. The first shot (of which the above picture is cropped and the full sized picture can be found at the source link) is of some materials provided to Best Buy employees to prepare for Ubisoft’s impeding reveal of AC3 on March 5.

The picture clearly has our new assassin protagonist poised in front of an American flag holding a colonial-age pistol and tomahawk and wearing a bow and quiver of arrows. This is consistent with the general idea that AC3 would distance itself from the established catalog of weapons and gadgets from Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations. It also supports an eventual transition of the assassin bloodline from Europe to North America, where Desmond’s present-day story eventually picks up.

Leaked banner from Game Informer

The second image that all but confirms this rumor is one from Game Informer – a banner that appeared briefly on the website and was snagged by a NeoGAF forum member (above). If this juxtaposition against a colonial soldier doesn’t clearly suggest American Revolution, nothing else could. Keep an eye out on Ubisoft early next week and perhaps Game Informer’s next cover for more Assassin’s Creed III.

[Update] Ubisoft has responded to the leaked assets by releasing the official box art confirming an American Revolution period AC III. Game Informer has also released the forthcoming covers of the game’s reveal issue.

Source: Kotaku