SimCity returns in 2013 as PC game from core Maxis team

PC Gamer US issue #226 SimCity

PC Gamer US issue #226 featuring SimCity

It has been almost 10 years since the last core SimCity title. SimCity 4 launched in 2003, and after early pre-visualization videos depicted it as a 3D title, the final game ended up being a classic 2D-style affair. City building fans will finally get a taste of what a modern SimCity title can be next year as the next mainline title in the franchise was announced yesterday at GDC.

Senior Vice President at EA Maxis Lucy Bradshaw took the stage at the EA Game Changers event an confirmed recent rumors that the next SimCity is on the way, and it is currently under development by the series’ original studio Maxis, and it is coming next year. Bradshaw stressed that this will be a SimCity title in the truest sense as it is coming as a PC title first and foremost.

The extended break the franchise has seen was also pinpointed as a key factor in the leap the next SimCity will represent over SimCity 4. Bradshaw highlighted the fact that current smartphones have the horsepower of PCs required for SimCity 4 back in 2003.

It was also mentioned that the new SimCity will feature multiplay with neighboring cities. Resources will also be finite in each session, and cities will be affected by the situation of bordering municipals.

Also, Chris Tilton has confirmed that he will be scoring the new SimCity:

The new title, currently known simply as SimCity, will be rendered in full 3D, and is slated to hit the PC and Mac in 2013. PC Gamer has also grabbed the exclusive print reveal for PC Gamer US issue #226.

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