Quantic Dream’s Kara trailer demos new engine

David Cage, CEO and founder of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, showed off an impressive trailer at GDC this week. Titled “Kara”, the tech demo debuts Quantic Dream’s new wares and hopefully gives some idea of what they hope to accomplish with their next game. As was the case with their previous engine that powered Heavy Rain (and was shown off in another captivating demo at another GDC), this one was built specifically for the PlayStation 3 and completed about a year ago – both facts of which suggest their next game might be coming rather soon and during this generation of console technology.

There’s not much to say that appropriately captures to content of the video, as it tells a short story that’s certainly worth watching if you’re at all interested in the emotional potential of video games. To give the most brief synopsis, it reveals the birth of an android that grows more human as its constructed.

This is accomplished using performance capture, a technique that’s seen growing relevance in the motion picture business but limited adoption in this interactive media. In essence, performance capture uses an array of cameras to shoot the whole body of an actor at once, rather than body movement in one take and facial/voice acting in separate takes that are ultimately stitched together.

For more details on this process and some insights on what Quantic Dream’s upcoming sci-fi video game might be about, check out Eurogamer’s great source article.

Source: Eurogamer