Next Xbox rumored to be disc-free, feature ‘interchangeable solid-state card’

Xbox 720 concept

MCVUK reports that a source has provided them with information pointing towards Microsoft’s next box skipping out on disc-based media altogether. The purported source describes the information as held under “the strictest NDA” they have ever seen.

Although no disc drive is said to be present, the source told MCV that there will be some sort of “interchangeable solid-state card” that will take the place of traditional DVD/Blu-ray storage. 2013 also continues to be the targeted window for release with this rumor. It should be noted that MCV has not been rock-solid with rumors in the past.

Foregoing discs altogether would be a big leap for Microsoft. Adoption of broadband connectivity isn’t the issue it once was, but modern games could be prohibitive large to download for those on metered connections throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Solid-state media is also still relatively expensive when compared to disc-based media with the capacity of Blu-ray (50GB).

For those with less than steller connectivity, a kiosk-based system could potentially work. Buying a game at a local retailer through a kiosk that ties it to an account, transfers to the removable storage, and then transfered onto a console at home could be viable, but we are into deep speculation territory here.

MCV reports that Microsoft has responded to the rumor in typical fashion closing with “[...] we do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

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Note: Image is not of rumored console, it’s just a ridiculous/cool-looking fan mockup.

Source: MCVUK | Image: EricDesign DeviantArt

  • Jon Cole

    As fun as it is to speculate about these things and Imagine a World™ without discs, the realities of retail simply won’t allow this to happen. When something like 40% of total game sales in the whole industry are thanks to Gamestop (who has a firm grip on physical distribution), a major change in customer demand has to happen before the fundamental workings of an industry shift to address it.

    • Jonathan Downin

      I definitely agree that here has to be a retail portion to this equation– discs or no discs.

      • Jon Cole

        Well with solid state media at about $1 per gigabyte, I just think the manufacturing margins on putting out physical media would be complete garbage.

  • Yousefzeibaq

    they cannot do that, its maddness. we like disks thats why we buy game consoles