Double Fine Adventure closes Kickstarter funding with $3.3 million

Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter finish

It’s been 30 days since Double Fine launched its Kickstarter campaign to raise $400,000 to fund a new adventure game project. In a turn of events that almost no one could have predicted, not only was the goal reached in under nine hours, the total has reached more than $3.3 million at the closure of the campaign.

Double Fine Adventure T-shirt

Double Fine Adventure T-shirt

Due to the amount received over the goal, various updates were delivered by Double Fine’s Tim Schafer on additional features the game will have over the course of the campaign. The yet unnamed adventure title is now be developed for a multitude of platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. The game will also be localized in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

A number of the bonuses coming to backers have also been detailed including the reveal of the T-shirt on the way for the $100+ tier.

Double Fine Adventure is slated to hit announced platform in October 2012.

Source: Double FineKickstarter

  • Eric Leslie

    The world has gone mad. Mad, I tell you.

    I’m not complaining. This is completely amazing, that this can happen. But, I mean, Jesus. I know $3 million isn’t actually huge in the world of AAA game development, but he did that with no publisher greenlight, no marketing, no middle man – just “I want to make a new adventure game, internet!” and 90,000 people shouting “TAKE MY MONEY.”

    It’s the sort of thing that 5 years ago we literally would not have been able to imagine. Makes it very exciting to wonder what we can’t imagine now.