Star Wars: The Old Republic free weekend begins today

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been a clear success thus far for EA and Bioware, hitting a consistent 1.7 million active users after being at market for a few months now. They’re clearly looking to widen their reach, as they’ve just announced a free weekend for the game that started early this morning. The official start and end date for the free weekend are as follows – “MARCH 15, 2012 12:01AM CDT/ 5:01AM GMT / 4:01PM EDT THROUGH MARCH 19, 2012 AT 2:00AM CDT/ 7:00AM GMT / 6:00 PM EDT”.

The trial will give access to the full suite of character classes and most early game content, with the biggest restrictions being a level cap at 15 and limitations to what regions will be accessible. All details can be found on the “Weekend Pass Free Trial” FAQ page. Of course at the end of the trial period you will have to buy the full game and pay a $15/month subscription fee to continue, but at least you’ll retain progress you made through your Origin account.

Source: The Old Republic | Via: Shacknews

  • Jon Cole

    Downloading this while I’m at work today! Even though I’m 99% sure I won’t end up subscribing to SW: TOR, I’d like to know what I’m missing out on.

    • Jonathan Downin

      Cool! I would do the same but I’m going to be busy this weekend. :/ I wasn’t really thinking about the timing when we talked about it on the podcast.