Diablo III now available for preorder, releases May 15

Diablo 3 May 15

It’s been a long wait with a lot of uncertainty surrounding Diablo III’s release. The beta has been running for almost six months already with number of big changes to the core game, but Blizzard confirmed yesterday that the game is coming, and it finally has a solid date.

Diablo III is now set to launch on May 15 for PC and Mac. Preorders are being accepted now, and those who preorder via Battle.net are guaranteed to be playing as soon as the servers go live with a Steam-like preload system in place.

Blizzard is also pushing the World of Warcraft Annual Pass as another way to get the game. Those who purchase the Annual Pass ($99) before May 1, 2012 will get a copy of Diablo III for “free.”

Source: Battle.netPR

  • http://www.gamethingdaily.com/ Jonathan Downin

    I have no sense for this one. I know the release will be big, but are people really super pumped about it?