Battlefield 3 brings action into Close Quarters in June

Battlefield 3 hit the ground running out of the gate with strong sales late last year. The first expansions pack, Back to Karkand, hit soon after, but there has been little word on further DLC. EA has announce that the first of three more planned packs will focus on smaller spaces, and will launch in June.

The first pack, dubbed Close Quarters, will focus on indoor combat. It will feature Battlefields 3′s mainstay destructible environments, but will lack Rush support due to the progressive nature of the mode. In it’s place will be a new ”Conquest Domination” mode that deliver the action and node-based capture system of Conquest, and tailors it to smaller environments as seen in the above trailer.

The two additional map packs, Armored Kill and End Game, will land in the autumn and winter respectively. Guess which one will feature a lot of vehicle combat. EA also mentions that Battlefield 3 has moved over 12 million units since launch last October.

Source: Battlefield blog