The Walking Dead gets debut trailer, will hit for $5 per episode

Telltale Games’ recent efforts have been met with middling critical receptions, but its next game just may change that streak. The adventure game studio’s take on The Walking Dead looks to be a departure for the developer, not only in tone, but also in price.

The Walking Dead’s first of five episodes is set to launch in late April. Each episode will be available for $5 (400 Microsoft points), but those who are willing to preorder the full run will receive a 10 percent discount resulting in a final price of $22.50. Players who preorder will also be automatically entered into a contest to have their likeness integrated into episode four as an ill-fated survivor.

Telltale’s lineup of games have traditionally been fairly family-friendly affairs, but The Walking Dead looks to be sticking close to the original graphics novel’s gory, very much M-rated content. Players will be in the shoes of Lee Everett, a convicted criminal on a quest for redemption that will feature encounters with iconic characters from the original story.

The first episode will be available in late April for PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Source: Joystiq