HBO Go and Xfinity hit Xbox, entertainment accounts for over half of console use

HBO Go Xbox 360

Microsoft has been pushing entertainment apps on the Xbox 360 pretty hard during the second of the console’s lifecycle. The launch of the new dashboard late last year put a heavier focus on apps, and the latest round of releases include some big names.

Starting today, HBO Go, Xfinity TV, and are available on the Xbox 360. The new apps support Kinect and feature the new standard Metro-style interface. As with prior cable-related app releases, HBO Go and Xfinity TV are tied to users having active cable service contracts. And unfortunately, big providers Comcast and Time Warner Cable do not support HBO Go on Xbox 360.

In a related entertainment announcement today Microsoft that users are now logging more time using entertainment apps on their Xbox 360s than game time. Time on Xbox Live is also up 30 percent year-over-year in the US with average monthly use sitting at 84 hours. This is a significant amount of time with a reference point of average TV at 150 hours.

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