Wii U controller redesign outed by developer tweet

Original design from E3 2011

Developers have had their hands on Wii U hardware for a while now, and the inevitable has happened– one of them has posted a picture of the Wii U tabet controller, and it looks different from what Nintendo showed at E3 last year.

A photo of the new tablet controller comes by way of an employee from Telltale Games, the studio behind the popular LEGO series of titles. The picture was posted to Twitter, and quickly pulled, but not before being preserved by many around the web.

Old vs. new Wii U controller design

The redesign shuffles the arrangement of the buttons. Start and Select are now much more accessible next to the four main face buttons instead of beside the home button. The analog sticks also seem to have been given some attention as they no longer appear to be 3DS-style circle pads, but actual raised analog sticks. There are also other minor changes including the repositioning of the mic to the left of the home button, and a translucent, Xbox 360-style plastic ring around the home button.

These changes closely correspond with line drawing that hit the web earlier this year pointing to a redesign Wii U tablet controller. With E3 less than a month away, word on the controller redesign and much more is expected very soon.

Source: NeoGAF | Via: Polygon