Activision and Bungie signed four-game contract codenamed “Destiny”

Ever since Bungie left the Halo franchise, their future has been more or less up in the air. While they previously announced a partnership with Activision for publishing, no details have been revealed; at least, none were revealed until Activision’s ongoing trial with former Infinity Ward employees Jason West and Vincent Zampella.

Bungie’s plan of the next seven (!) years is a project codenamed “Destiny” and sports a somewhat familiar “sci-fi action shooter” label. The franchise will be comprised of four games released bi-annually starting in fall 2013 with four large pieces of DLC to slot into the off-years. The first title will be a timed exclusive to the Xbox 360, with a potential port to the PlayStation 3 given demand and the potential for a technically competitive/equivalent version. The other three titles will come to next-generation platforms loosely called the “Xbox 720″ and “PS4″ as well as PCs.

Many other details about Activision and Bungie’s agreement can be found in the contract, including intellectual property rights and a right to work on a Marathon successor. For more, check out the lengthy and somewhat obtusely worded contract below.

Source: LA Times (contract PDF)