Firefall development diary details removal of levels, other tweaks

We have officially entered the period before E3 where most publishers are holding on to their big reveals, but Red5 Studios is still cranking away at its free-to-play first-person MMO Firefall, and some changes are in-store.

In the latest development diary, the developer talks about the recent decisions to remove leveling from the Firefall. The recent focus has been on making the game more skill-based, and one of the ways to accomplish this has been the removal of levels. Red5 stresses that this facilitates horizontal progression over vertical progression– success is based more on skill, not time spent grinding. Levels may be gone, but that doesn’t make EXP obsolete, EXP is now a type of currency for abilities, weapons, and Battleframes (classes),more.

Firefall, lead by Mark Kern, the former-head on World of Warcraft, is currently in closed beta with no announced release window. If you haven’t seen the game before, this development diary, and the trailer below, are good places to start.

Source: YouTubeOfficial site