Some 2013 Frostbite Engine games to require 64-bit OS

According to DICE’s Rendering Architect Johan Andersson, Frostbite Engine games will soon require a 64-bit operating system. Frostbite is a game engine developed by Digital Illusions CE, a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts (EA) that has also developed games like Battlefield 3 and Mirror’s Edge. The latest version of the software, Frostbite 3, will be used to develop much of EA’s upcoming catalog including Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Command & Conquer: Generals 2, and likely the next entry in the Battlefield franchise.

Requiring a 64-bit operating system will ostensibly allow DICE to exploit a far more efficient use of memory inherent to 64-bit processes, a substantial bottleneck for “next-gen” game development. Aligning this requirement with the impending release of Windows 8 is almost certainly no coincidence, as it’ll allow gamers to upgrade their operating system “just in time” for games to take advantage. Despite reports from some news sites that say Windows 8 will be a requirement for Frostbite 3, Andersson has stated with clarity via Twitter that Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 64-bit installations will be just as acceptable as Windows 8:

PC Gamers will need Windows 8 to play EA games on PC starting in 2013.
Complex Gaming
@ I didnt say Win8 will be required, it won't be. Vista SP2 and Win7 is perfectly fine to use as well
Johan Andersson

It’s simply worth noting that you can’t flip a switch on your OS to make it 64-bit; that change essentially requires a completely new install of the operating system.

Source: Eurogamer