Gears of War: Judgment confirmed via Game Informer cover

The first trilogy of Gears of War titles may be done, but doesn’t mean the franchise is taking a break. The latest entry in the series is already on the way, and it is set for a full reveal at E3 next week.

Outed via the latest Game Informer coverGears of War: Judgment is under development by People Can Fly, the studio behind the critically well-received, yet underselling Bulletstorm. This seems like a good fit with Epic ready to move on to its next big thing, and People Can Fly proving it can deliver high quality, polished experiences. PCF also have direct experience with Gears of War in the PC port of the first title.

Little is known about the game at the moment, but confirmed returning characters include Damon Baird and Augustus Cole. More Gears of War: Judgment info is set to hit on Monday, likely alongside a reveal at Microsoft’s press conference.

Source: Game Informer