Nintendo Direct details Wii U hardware changes and Miiverse

New Wii U Gamepad

E3 is yet to officially start, but the information deluge has already begun. Nintendo was the first to put out the first big bits of information with its latest Nintendo Direct, and the redesigned tablet controller has been confirmed along with some other Wii U related information.

The 30 minute presentation features Nintendo President Satoru Iwata discussing the hardware and software on the way with the Wii U. The newly dubbed Wii U Gamepad now features true analog sticks, NFC, and many other small changes over the prototype shown at last year’s E3. The new Wii U Pro controller was also revealed, and it takes more than a few cues from the Xbox 360 controller.

Wii U Pro Controller

Nintendo also gave some glimpses of what is in-store on the software side. The Wii U will introduce the Miiverse, Nintendo’s answer for a system-level social network. It will be the first thing users see upon booting up the system, and is planned to allow for player interaction via Wii U consoles, the web, and mobile devices.

Much more information is on the way at Nintendo’s press conference tomorrow, and with many of the hardware and software details out of the way, don’t be surprised if the press conference is all about the games.

Source: YouTube