E3 2012: Other games, news, and hidden gems

There was plenty of big news to come out of E3, mostly from the big press conferences which we already covered, but there are also plenty of other games and pieces of news that are worthy of some attention.


  • One of the smaller pieces of news during the Sony conference came in word that PSone Classics are coming to Vita. This isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but in a show that featured very little new about the Vita at all, it was welome. The only other Vita-related news worth mentioning is that PlayStation All-Star: Battle Royale is also hitting the small screen.
  • Halo 4 was arguably the most exciting thing at Microsoft’s conference. 343′s take on the series is on the show floor, and a lot more info has been made public including Spartan Ops, Halo 4‘s take on contextualizing multiplayer. The mode is said to offer a truly narrative experience with at least a full “season’s” worth of “episodes” in the pipeline.
  • Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs landed the top spot on many’s “best of E3″ list. A common presumption was that the game was targeted at next-gen consoles due to the fidelity of the graphics on display. Ubisoft has since addressed the issue and has assured that it will hit Xbox 360 and PS3. Word on the street is now that is will bridge the generation gap as is common in years of new console releases.
  • Rage may not have brought back the glory days of id Software, but John Carmack’s never-ending journey to create ever-crazier technology. Carmack’s latest hobby centers around making responsive, affordable head-mounted displays. The man himself was at the show giving demos of his prototype that is set to hit the hobbyist/maker market soon for $500.


Tech showcases:

Square Enix had something very interesting to show off at the show. Much like Star Wars 1313, the Final Fantasy juggernaut was showing of something that is obviously targeted at next-gen systems. The “Agni’s Philosophy” Final Fantasy Real-time Demo was very impressive, and looks like nothing that is currently possible, even on high-end PCs. It is said to be running on a new engine that will likely be used in the company’s titles targeted for Microsoft and Sony’s next boxes.

Image: Pocket Lint