Capcom ships over one million units of Dragon’s Dogma, to become a ‘major franchise’

Usually the number of copies of a major title shipped is a very unappealing statistic; rather than the number of units actually sold to consumers, the number of units shipped only gives insight into the retail expectations of a publisher by showing the stock sold to retailers.

In this case, however, shipped seems to mean a whole lot more. Capcom has announced that they’ve shipped over one million copies of their latest new title, Dragon’s Dogma. In Capcom’s press release, they state that their vision with the game was the create a new IP that could fill out their stable of more traditional titles. Due to these sales numbers, they apparently saw fit to make this a full-blown “major franchise” with “continuous distribution of digital content” and presumably additional titles in the future.

So, to the bulk of reviewers who thought Dragon’s Dogma is a “flawed and unique gem”, keep your fingers crossed for a more developed version of the game sometime soon.

Source: Capcom