Battlefield 3 Premium nets EA $40 million in first two weeks

EA’s Battlefield 3 launched last year as an obvious shot at the bow of Activision’s Call of Duty, and was met with great enthusiasm both critically and commercially. Like CoD’s Elite program, EA launched Battlefield Premium at E3 earlier this month, and it has done very well for the publisher.

Speaking with USA Today, EA Games EVP Patrick Söderlund revealed that the $50 Battlefield Premium service has sold more than 800,000 memberships, reaching more than 5 percent of the installed base of the game. Some quick math puts the sales gross at over $40 million for EA in just over two weeks, and total Battlefield 3 sales at 15 million units.

Recent comments out of EA have hinted at the possibility of similar, pre-pay DLC membership programs being implemented into other titles in the future. These programs seem to strike a good balance of serving the fanbase by providing DLC at a cheaper bundled price than purchasing piecemeal, and lengthening the lifespan of games in a quick-moving market.

Speaking briefly about the health of the console market, Söderlund said that while the pace of growth has decreased, consoles are still where the biggest experiences are had. Söderlund also talked around the Wii U saying he hopes it will be a success, and said “[EA games] will appear on that platform will (sic) all the games that we deem need to be on that platform.”

Close Quarters, the second of five big Battlefield 3 DLC packs just launched, and three more are on the way this year in Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game.

Source: USA Today