Halo 4 Forge mode updated by Certain Affinity

When Halo 3 introduced Forge mode, it was clear from the relatively primitive tools that Bungie never intended for the mode to catch fire to the extent that it did. The map creation software saw a notable bump in Halo: Reach, though was still limited by an interface that required long periods of time and patience to fine tune levels.

With Halo 4, it looks like Microsoft isn’t slouching as they’ve recruited Crimson Alliance dev Certain Affinity to iterate upon the editor to truly make Forge a powerful yet accessible tool for users. In the above video taken from a presentation at Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, TX, the attention to several key details and subsequent audience cheering shows that Certain Affinity has been very reactive in the changes they made. For instance, they’ve introduced a “magnet” system that will automatically click certain Forge elements in place in an appropriate fashion; the example provided is attaching a bridge to the roof of a bunker, which is as simple as getting the edge of the bridge to a straight edge of the roof at which point it locks into place.

They’ve also introduced “Player Trait Zones” that modify certain player attributes in specifically designated areas. Have a long jump from a tall cliff face that you don’t want to end in player suicide? All you have to do is add a zone at the bottom of the cliff that provides overshield or invulnerability before they touch down. These features are but a few that Certain Affinity are planning to introduce in the final version of the editor, check out the above clip to get a better idea of what’s going on in their mindspace.

Source: Polygon | Image: Halo 4