More PlayStation All-Stars characters revealed at EVO 2012

EVO has been the premiere fighting game tournament in the United States for about ten years. Considering the tournament welcomes a wide variety of fighting games from Street Fighter to Dead or Alive and even Super Smash Bros., it should come as no surprise that Sony is touting their upcoming title PlayStation All-Stars. The pitch here seems fairly different from that at E3, instead choosing to focus on the steps that players can take to make the game more competitive and “quantifyable”. They’ve also announced two new characters, Toro and Heihachi, the latter of which should be familiar to Tekken and maybe even Soul Calibur 2 fans. Check out the above video for other new details and features that Sony revealed over the past weekend.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is headed to PS3 and the PlayStation Vita this October.

Source: Gamespot, Shacknews