Steam Summer Sale starts, great gaming deals through July 22

The Steam Summer Sale has become an annual tradition. A week into July with no sign of a sale left some wondering if the promotion may not happen this year, fears can now be extinguished as the Summer Sale kicked-off yesterday.

The 2012 Steam Summer sale is is similar to previous years, with daily deals and publishers bundles, but there are a few twists this time around as well. In addition to daily promotions, the are now also “Flash Sales” that last 6-12 hours before being refreshed. Also new, there is now a “Community’s Choice” section that has game also on sale for 8 hour increments, with the following on-sale title chosen by the community using 3-game poll.

Steam is also leveraging its social features to surface purchases from users’ friends list– “Hey, you friend bought this, maybe you should too!” Gone this year is the Summer Camp Prize Booth from last year’s Summer Sale, but the esoteric nature of that feature is likely to make its absence fine by most.

As always, there are a TON of great deals to be had during the Steam Summer Sale. The promotion runs through July 22.

Source: Steam