Alleged PlayStation 3 4000 images leak

Recent rumblings have pointed to a likely refresh of the Playstation 3 hardware. Those rumors have now been all-but confirmed with purportedly leaked pictures now showing what looks to be a new model of the hardware.

The pictures in question were originally posted at Tecnoblog, and are said to originate from  Anatel, Brazil’s equivalent of the FCC. The most recent model of the PlayStation 3 currently on store shelves launched in 2009 and is widely known as the 3000 model. The 4000 model (CECH-4001x) looks to be yet another redesing that again shrinks the overall size of the console.

In addition to being smaller, the latest revision of the PS3 also looks to eschew the slot-loading Blu-ray drive in favor of a top-loading mechanism. This follows a similar trend of the PS2 with the last, super slim, model of the PS2 cutting costs and size by making a trade-off.

The report also states that 3 models of the new PS3 4000 are on the way in 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB variants. A new streamlined piece hardware paired with a 16GB version of the hardware would likely put Sony in a strong position to bring the entry price of the PS3 to at most $199, and would probably serve the company well as a late-generation offering.

Current speculation pegs an announcement as likely at Gamescom next month.

Source: Tecnoblog | Via: Joystiq