Battlefield 4 confirmed via beta announcement

Word of Battlefield 4 first hit early yesterday with a possibly inadvertent reveal that Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-orders would be the first to be included in a future beta. EA has now confirmed that it is indeed on the way, but Battlefield 3 is still the company’s focus.

In a statement on the official Battlefield site, EA did it’s best to keep the focus on Battlefield 3, saying this is “still just the beginning” of the BF 3 story. Back to Karkand and Close Quarters expansion packs are currently available, and three more are on the way in Armored Kill, End Game, and Aftermath. The post also focused on the new Battlefield Premium service.

Directly addressing Battlefield 4, EA said “We’re not ready to talk about Battlefield 4 yet – in the meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy Battlefield 3 and all the Battlefield 3 Premium content still to come. We invite you to check out Danger Close Studio’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which is also powered by the Frostbite 2 engine and the free social network, Battlelog. Don’t forget that pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition (at no extra cost) guarantees access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set to hit shelves on October 18, and Battlefield 4 is expected to launch holiday 2013.

Source: | Image: Dead End Thrills