Idle Thumbs relaunches podcast, releases Kickstarter reward game Thirty Flights of Loving

If our excitement at GTD wasn’t palpable enough when the Idle Thumbs Kickstarter cropped up, you can be sure that it will be now that the promises of that campaign are beginning to be delivered upon. The current Idle Thumbs crew – Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, and Sean Vanaman – have released the first full episode of the refreshed podcast today, titled Idle Thumbs 65: Dance of the Treasure Goblin. While their entirely redesigned website is missing in action, they decided to adopt a placeholder Tumblr blog to host the new podcast episodes.

In addition, Idle Thumbs has partnered with Gravity Bone developer Blendo Games to release a Kickstarter backer-exclusive (timed) game called Thirty Flights of Loving. They’ve just sent out Steam download codes to anyone who backed the project with a contribution of $30 or more, so check your email if you fall in that category. Further physical rewards such as t-shirts and art prints are currently in production as well and will be primed for delivery in the coming months.

Source: Idle Thumbs