Final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend starts today, full game launches August 28

The excitement surrounding’s Guild Wars 2 has been steadily growing over the past few months. The third and final beta weekend starts today and runs through the weekend with just over a month before release of the full game.

This weekend marks the third, and final, beta weekend for Guild Wars 2. The final beta weekend will introduce a few new features not seen in previous events including the introduction of Asura and Sylvari races. The two new races join the previously playable Humans, Norn, and Charr. Also new this time around: a fresh PvP map called Legacy of the Foefire, the introduction of the first playable minigame activity Keg Brawl, access to the real money-based gem store, new world map called Brisban Wildlands, and more.

The final beta weekend is already under way, and runs through Sunday, July 22. Access to the beta is limited to pre-orders and those who have scored beta keys, but will also be streaming periodically throughout the weekend over at

Guild Wars 2 is set to launch on August 28 on PC.

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    Guild Wars 2′s economy will be built around the currencies of gold, gems and karma.