Robert Bowling talks mobile and Ouya-exclusive Human Element

When Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward earlier this year many were curious as to what his new company Robotoki would be doing. Bowling is now opening up about the developer’s plans for mobile, and Ouya episodic game Human Element.

Speaking to Venture Beat, Bowling started by explaining his enthusiasm for the Ouya. Bowling said. “I’m not because this is exactly what I’m excited about. This is the type of stuff that I want to invest in. The stuff that is trying to do something new and innovative. Something that’s going to encourage us as designers to get outside our comfort zone.”

On the subject of Human Element, Bowling says it is not a new game, but a whole new universe.

Human Element is a world that takes place 35 years after an event has occurred, and that event is a zombie apocalypse. But this is not a game about zombies. They’re really just a catalyst to kick off these stories of human survival scenarios. What we’re really concerned about is the true threat in this apocalypse, which is that human element. The other survivors are smart and strong enough to compete for what we have, and they have conflicting mentalities and ideals of what the future should be. So that’s what we’re looking at: the physical, but most importantly, the emotional and mental survival of these humans after the fall of society.

Human Element is an Ouya exclusive in that the content on the forthcoming Android-powered console will not appear anywhere else, but other experiences in the universe will. Robotoki is also planning Human Element titles for mobile, and a bigger, traditional title for 2015– presumable for consoles and PC.

For more on what Bowling hopes to accomplish with Robotoki and Human Element, but sure to catch the full interview at Venture Beat.

Source: Venture Beat