Left 4 Dead 2 PC gets Cold Stream, delayed on Xbox 360

Valve is one of the most generous developers around when it comes to offering free content updates for its game. The latest in its lineup to get new content is Left 4 Dead 2, and it is available now on PC and Mac.

The Cold Stream content pack introduces five new maps, four from Left 4 Dead, and one all new map: Crash Course, Death Toll, Dead Air, Blood Harvest, and Cold Stream. All of these maps have been playable for some time on PC in beta form, but they have now reached official release status. The map bearing the namesake of the content pack is unique in that it is a community built map. Mutators are available on all maps.

The Xbox 360 will also be receiving the update, but it will be a little late, and infinitely more expensive. Cold Stream on Xbox 360 is set to launch next week for 560 MSP ($7). To add insult to injury, Left 4 Dead 2 is currently on sale on Steam for $5 until June 26 at 10:00 am PST. That makes the full game and Cold Stream pack cheaper on PC than the content pack alone on Xbox 360.

Valve is also highlighting other recent happening in the realm of L4D including skins for all 4 survivors heading to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft  next month, and the forthcoming release of L4D2 for Linux.

Source: L4D blogOfficial site