Tribes: Ascend gets the Twinfusor update

Tribes: Ascend seems to be setting the pace for what a free-to-play first-person shooter should offer. The game is completely accessible to someone who doesn’t want to pay real money up front, but gives the option to purchase most of the game’s items with ‘gold’ to speed up the process.

Ascend is always getting better, evidenced by the seventh update to the game since its release. The marquee feature of this pack is the addition of the Twinfusor that can fire two spinfusor disks in one reload, which seems like it’ll be available to a variety of classes through light, medium, and heavy iterations. In addition, the Pathfinder, Brute, and Sentinel will be getting new class skins for some more visual variety.

Two new maps have been introduced – Permafrost and Dangerous Crossing. Permafrost offers a new CTF mechanic that gives you the opportunity to make a flag stand more accessible by destroying a generator inside the enemy base. Dangerous Crossing brings back a fan favorite map from Tribes: Vengeance, which is sure to appease long-time fans of the franchise.

Finally, Hi-Rez Studios is pumping some more social value in the game with party support, new voice packs to personalize canned communication features, and the ability to append a clan tag to your username. All of these changes should be applied at the time of this posting, so don’t wait any longer to try out this F2P hit.

Via: Shacknews

  • Kyosho

    Dangerous Crossing was originally in the first Tribes way back in ’98.