The Secret World gets its first free weekend

In celebration of a successful first month since the game’s launch, Funcom is making their latest MMORPG The Secret World free-to-play this coming weekend (Friday 4pm GMT – Monday 7am GMT). In addition, TSW is also getting its first major content update today which adds new missions, dungeons, and a cross-server marketplace that players can access from any location.

While some might suggest that a free weekend could foreshadow a turn to free-to-play move for the game, TSW Creator Ragnar Tornquist has previously said that they’re committed to a subscription-based model for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, Funcom’s previous big MMORPG Age of Conan transitioned to F2P after three years, so anyone interested in this game should take this opportunity to gauge interest and determine whether or not it’s worth waiting a few years for another crack at it.

Source: The Secret World (blog) | Via: Shacknews