GTA V screenshots show slick rides and leisure activities

It’s hard to believe that Grand Theft Auto V has been a confirmed quantity for almost a year now. Little information about the forthcoming open-word crime game has been detailed by Rockstar, but we now have another batch of a screenshots, and to say the game is looking beautiful would be an understatement.

The latest release of shots show a few vehicles (a car, bicycle, jet, and motorcycle), and provide looks at skydiving and tennis. The last two shouldn’t come as much of surprise with the GTA series being known for is mini-activities, but the addition of jets is something new after being absent in GTA IV.

The screenshots look pretty amazing, showing a graphical prowess that is striking even in the late days of the console cycle. Rockstar has not stated the source of the screenshots, but apparent aliasing (jaggies) in the shots imply that these could in fact be from the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions of the game. GTA‘s Los Angelos, Los Santos, may not be the most exciting setting for an open-world game in theory, especially after running through Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs, but it sure is looking pretty.

Rockstar has been releasing these screens in batches of three, and while the second release doesn’t mention that any more are on the way, the official site has three more conspicuous spaces that are likely to be filled soon. We’ll update this post if the final three arrive this week.

Update 8.24: And just like that, four new shots appear.

Source: Rockstar (1, 2)