Minecraft 1.4 preview: A slew of new aesthetic items and the Wither Boss

Minecraft 1.3 just hit at the beginning of the month bringing a host of updates to the hit block-based game, but many of those features and tweaks were of the behind-the-scenes type. Mojang has now released the latest weekly snapshot of version 1.4, and the additions are numerous.

Here’s the official change log:

  • Added item frames
  • Added cobblestone walls (yes, mossy too)
  • Maps now align to a grid, making it easier to create adjacent maps. Maps can also be cloned
  • Stairs now auto-arrange into corners. This is a test and may change based on feedback
  • Mobs can travel through portals
  • Leather clothes can be dyed
  • Removed the “wip block” from the creative menu
  • Added two new crops and associated items
  • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus (it’s for debugging, mainly)
  • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions (also for debugging)
  • Added arrow-sensitive wooden buttons

As can be seen, there is the potential for a lot of new additions to worlds that simply weren’t possible before. This is something of a “builders” update, allowing those who want more variety and control over how their creations look, but the impact of new potions, mob flexibility, and a new boss (the Wither Boss) is also significant.

In addition to the additions, the official post also mentions the elusive addition of official mod support that was target for 1.3, then pushed to 1.4. Mod support is now said to depend on a complete update of the rendering engine, something that should be welcome to even those who have no interest in user-created content.

For a peek at what the upcoming features add to the game, check out YouTube user Docm77‘s two videos below:

Source: Mojang blog | Image: Planet Minecraft

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