Star Wars 1313 dev diary details the underworld of Coruscant

Star Wars 1313 was surprise reveal at this years E3. The forthcoming action game was shown to a select few, and the consensus was that if nothing else, it looks beautiful.

LucasArts has now released a development diary detailing the setting of Star Wars 1313, and it is described as the “old Vegas” of the Star Wars universe. 1313 refers the Level 1313 of a huge city on the planet Coruscant that serves as a haven of the criminal underworld.

Details regarding the gameplay, and much of the game’s finer points are still to be revealed, but it looks like it has a strong atmosphere and direction. Buzz from E3 was that this looks like it may be targeting next-gen consoles, and from the looks of it, it may be a prime candidate for the rumored launch of the PS4 and next Xbox in late 2013.

Source:  YouTube